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Cupping Notes: Toasted Marshmallow, Earthy, Intense


We crafted this blend for our customers who love the nostalgic, bold, slightly smoky flavor of dark roasted coffees. Even our darkest beans are roasted with care, so if you want it charred, you will have to look elsewhere!


When roasted dark, most coffees lose their intrigue and become quite dull. For this blend, however, we have selected coffees that can handle the heat. The Sumatran component maintains many of its unique origin qualities even in a dark roast. You may get subtle flavors of dark chocolate, pipe tobacco, and cinnamon. The South American components from Brazil and Colombia impart incredibly smooth, viscous body and nice balance to the blend. This coffee is very low in acidity, so it is balanced more toward bittering roast tones--think of s'mores with 85% cacao and heavily toasted marshmallows.


We recommend this blend for those who add cream and/or sugar, but still want intense coffee flavor. While we typically recommend a medium roast for espresso, this would also be a great choice for those who follow the Italian tradition or who want pungent espresso shots that will cut through large lattes.


At Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters, we specialize in hand crafted, small batch, artisanal roasted coffee. While other commercial roasters typically have pre-roasted beans on the shelf, we are roasting fresh coffee each day, so you can be assured what is delivered to your door is the freshest coffee available. 


All of our fresh roasted coffee selections are available for pickup at our roastery, as well as free delivery within 10 miles of our roastery in Indian Trail, North Carolina, with a 2 bag minimum. A low $5.99 flat rate shipping is also available for those across the U.S. Please do not choose the "pre-paid shipping" option unless you are on a pre-existing coffee subscription.

12 oz. Midnight Oil - Dark Roast Blend

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