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Cupping Notes: dark chocolate, berry, earthy


We blended Weight in Gold to make an intense, punchy espresso shot that could hold its own even in a big gulp latte. The result is a coffee that yields strong and full-bodied, yet complex and nuanced espresso shots. Top notes of blueberry are underpinned by bittersweet chocolate. A subtle low note of earthy, sweet pipe tobacco rounds out the blend nicely.


Weight in Gold is a blend of three of our all-time favorite coffees--natural process Ethiopia Sidamo, Guatemala and Sumatra. While this is our favorite blend for espresso, it is also a great choice for other brewing methods. If you like coffee roasted a little on the darker side of medium, you will love this for drip, pour over, or french press.


At Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters, we specialize in hand crafted, small batch, artisanal roasted coffee. While other commercial roasters typically have pre-roasted beans on the shelf, we are roasting fresh coffee each day, so you can be assured what is delivered to your door is the freshest coffee available.


All of our fresh roasted coffee selections are available for pickup at our roastery, as well as free delivery within 10 miles of our roastery in Indian Trail, North Carolina, with a (2) 12 oz. bag or (1) 5 lb. bag minimum. A low $5.99 flat rate shipping is also available for those across the U.S. Please do not choose the "pre-paid shipping" option unless you are on a pre-existing coffee subscription.

5 lb. Weight in Gold - Medium-dark Espresso Blend

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