Cupping notes: Chocolate, vanilla, blueberry
Processing method: Natural (dry process)


This is a beautiful, quintessential specimen of Ethiopian natural process coffee.  In lighter roasts, blueberry rushes to the forefront of the flavor profile, with an underlying foundation of bittersweet chocolate and vanilla.  During our cuppings, the taster's eyes frequently light up at the first sip of this unique coffee.  "I didn't know coffee could taste like this," is the refrain that usually follows.  This is a must-have experience in a pour over, drip, or french press. 


At medium roasts, the loud blueberry mellows and is accented by dark chocolate and raw sugar.  With excellent body, complexity, and balance, medium roasted Sidamo is one of our favorite options for single-origin espresso.


At Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters, we specialize in hand crafted, small batch, artisanal roasted coffee. While other roasters typically pre-roast and have beans on the shelf, we don't roast until you place your order, so you can be assured the freshest roasted coffee is delivered to your door. Each coffee order is roasted to the optimal flavor of the coffee bean you order.

12 oz. Ethiopia - Sidamo (Organic)