Cupping notes: Strawberry, raspberry, chocolate

Processing method: Natural (dry process)


For those who are searching for treasure off the proverbial beaten path, allow us to introduce you to naturally processed coffees from Ethiopia.  This single-origin coffee from the Guji region of Ethiopia is very complex and some may describe it as a little intense.  During processing, this coffee is dried while still inside the cherry, imparting pronounced fruity characteristics to the bean. 


Light roasting will best showcase the juicy, sweet flavors of strawberry and raspberry that make this coffee unique.  Medium roasting calms these brighter notes, mellowing them to something more like dried fruit, while increasing the bittersweet chocolate of the flavor profile.  This coffee is versatile, but we prefer to show it off as a light-roasted pour over brew.


At Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters, we specialize in hand crafted, small batch, artisanal roasted coffee. While other roasters typically pre-roast and have beans on the shelf, we don't roast until you place your order, so you can be assured the freshest roasted coffee is delivered to your door. Each coffee order is roasted to the optimal flavor of the coffee bean you order.

12 oz. Ethiopia Guji (Organic)

Preferred Roast Level
Whole or Ground Beans


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