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Cupping Notes: Creamy, milk chocolate, cherry, blackberry

Costa Rican Tarrazu produces a coffee that is delightfully smooth with a sweet, fruity aroma. Its flavor profile is marked by subtle chocolate nuances paired beautifully with the delicate hint of cherry and blackberry.


This is a washed coffee from producer Jorge Gutierrez Jimenez from the village of San Luis, located in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica. A family business, the day-to-day running of the farm is handled by Daniela and Taniana Gutierrez, Jorge's two daughters. The coffee is processed at their own on-site micromill 'La Montaña.' The family cultivate Catuai & Caturra varieties at an altitude of 1,700 meters. This lot employs a washed process, whereby ripe cherries are pulped and washed with a Penagos machine. The coffee is then pre-dried on a patio in the sun for approximately 8-10 days, after which it is dried for 36-48 hours in a mechanical drier at a low temperature to allow for an even drying process.


La Montaña Tarrazú is a micromill founded in 2009 by Don Jorge and Doña Ivannia. The purpose of the micro-mill was to add value to their product and try to reach a global market. It was a lot of work to take on, but little by little they were able to see positive results. Don Jorge is still currently in charge of maintenance on the farm while his daughter, Daniela, is in charge of processing and managing company accounts.


Many consider Costa Rican Tarrazu is at its best when prepared as a drip brew or pour over. The French press produces a somewhat brighter cup with more pronounced citrus nuances.


Costa Rica is regarded as one of the world's premiere coffee growing regions due to its volcanic soil and ideal drainage. The Tarrazu region is located in the interior mountains of Costa Rica and is known to produce distinguished coffee. Tarrazu is a market name for coffees produced and processed within the region. Coffee from this area is known to be relatively heavy-bodied with a complex aroma. 


At Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters, we specialize in hand crafted, small batch, artisanal roasted coffee. While other roasters typically pre-roast and have beans on the shelf, we don't roast until you place your order, so you can be assured the freshest roasted coffee is delivered to your door. Each coffee order is roasted to the optimal flavor of the coffee bean you order.

12 oz. Costa Rica - Tarrazu

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