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Cupping notes: bakers chocolate, grapefruit, raspberry, toffee


These wild-grown, triple-picked (only the ripe beans each time) from the Jiwaka Province atop the Waghi Valley are extraordinarily "clean" and have that superb Blue Mountain varietal taste profile we all know and love so well, blended with Typica and balanced for gentle but pleasing acidity, slight hints of melon, citrus and tea. One of our top sellers in every market.


This year's crop is smaller beans than in previous years, reflecting the fact that this was a difficult year for Papua New Guinea weather and growing season. But we often love smaller beans when in fact it was adverse weather conditions that produced them, because they seem more vibrant and denser in flavor. This is an incredibly delicious coffee and one of our favorite Papua New Guinea crops to date.


At Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters, we specialize in hand crafted, small batch, artisanal roasted coffee. While other roasters typically pre-roast and have beans on the shelf, we don't roast until you place your order, so you can be assured the freshest roasted coffee is delivered to your door. Each coffee order is roasted to the optimal flavor of the coffee bean you order.

12 oz. Papua New Guinea (Organic)

Preferred Roast Level
Whole or Ground Beans