Cupping notes:  honey, nutty, chocolate and caramel
Processing method:  Washed (wet process)


Due to being wedged in between coffee giants Brazil and Peru, Bolivia is often overlooked and underestimated in the world of coffee. Bolivia's coffee production may be diminutive compared to that of its neighbors, but don't let that fool you! 


This single-origin Bolivian coffee yields an exemplary South American cup.  With medium acidity and body, natural sweetness, and the familiar flavors of milk chocolate and nuts, it bears many of the characteristics that are most sought after in coffees from this region of the world.  We find that this coffee excels as a medium roast, where it exhibits an ideal balance of delicate acidity, caramel sweetness, and bittersweet chocolate.  At the appropriate roast level, it is a solid choice for any brew method.


This organic, fairtrade coffee is grown 1,100 to 1,700 meters above sea level and is part of the BioArabica cooperative in Caranavi, Bolivia in the communities of Calama and Nogalani. It is from the Red Catuai, Caturra, Mondo Novo, and Tipica varietal and is washed processed and sundried in raised beds. 


This dynamic group of producers with an average age of 30 started in 2013 with 18 families all sharing the same objective – to improve organic production while prioritizing the production of and exportation of coffee to international markets and also providing micro lots. In the communities of Calama and Nogalani, 85% of the inhabitants depend on the production of coffee while the remaining 15% producer other crops such as citrus and bananas.


The cooperative has 15 women farmers who enjoy the same rights and obligations as their male counterparts. They have gender equality within the executive board of directors as well as the oversight committee. The participation of women is vital within the cooperative and are seen as the fundamental pillar within the family home. This group is in the development stages of implementing a Café Femenino Program and will be an important part of the expansion of Café Femenino Bolivia.


At Sugar Creek Coffee Roasters, we specialize in hand crafted, small batch, artisanal roasted coffee. While other roasters typically pre-roast and have beans on the shelf, we don't roast until you place your order, so you can be assured the freshest roasted coffee is delivered to your door. Each coffee order is roasted to the optimal flavor of the coffee bean you order.

12 oz. Bolivia (Organic)